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How to find your own style.
FAQs - About seeing an image consultant.
Sorting out your wardrobe - Wardrobe stuffed with clothes you never wear?
Shopping tips - Avoid yet another fruitless traipse around the shops!
40 plus - How to make the most of what you've got.
Colour in fashion - Why it's so important.
Wedding makeup
How to look good in your wedding photos.
Hairstyles - What hairstyles suit your face shape.
The death of the skinny jean?
Have we seen the last of the skinny jean?
How to dress for a British summer.

Who needs an Image Consultant?

You do if you:
  • have a full wardrobe but nothing to wear
  • have had a lifestyle change - new mum, retirement etc
  • never really felt 'yourself' in your clothes
  • find shopping daunting

Style Advice

Looking for advice on all areas of style and fashion, from finding hairstyles that suit you to perfecting wedding make up?

The Style Advice Articles are updated and added to regularly with new tips on dressing for every occasion.

Find an Image Consultant - North

Miranda Leyton, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, trained with The Federation of Image Consultants.

Colour analysis 75, Full makeover 135

Miranda Leyton

Find an Image Consultant - South

The Federation of Image Consultants

Image Influences Jackie Thorogood
Based in Surrey

Image Influences

Stuck in black or beige?

Many people are scared to try colour and think that by sticking to these 'neutrals' they're playing safe. Unfortunately many people look washed out in these colours.

Here's why colour matters and how stretch your pallet.

Featured article

What hairsyle suits me?

Stuck with the same hairstyle because you don't know what suits you?

We've put together the key shapes to suit every face shape.