Shopping tips

Go shopping with a list - eg Ďevening tops' and Ďwork skirtsí. Limit yourself to a couple of categories. Every time you pick up an item think about what you have that will go with it (if you know what colours suit you, this part will be easy).

Donít be too particular when choosing clothes to try on - stay open minded about what will suit you. If youíre trying on a pair of trousers you may as well try on a few pairs at once!

If you put something on and itís not an improvement on what your wearing then youíve got to question whether itís really a good addition to your wardrobe. On those same lines, if youíre not sure if itís flattering, then itís probably not.

Keep an eye on websites such as for the latest trends, but only apply those that suit your body shape. For example the baggy jumper seen so much at the moment is not very flattering to those who have a waist which they should be showing off!

Make sure your jewellery and accessories compliment your look. East is good for jewellery at the moment, and Pilgrim is always good for pieces with different colours that will really bring an outfit together (and give you clues on colour coordination if you havenít yet had your colours analysed!). M&S is good for bags at the moment and New Look is always good for bargain shoes and bags if youíre after a quick change to your look!