How Jeans Look In 2007

In 2007, there is talk that the trouser leg for jeans is favoured over the skinny jean look. Nordstrom and Banana Republic have designed trouser-leg jeans for 2007. And trouser-leg jeans may be the new look! Is it the end then for skinny jeans? Are they a high-street look rather than a ‘fashion’ look and is that the problem! However , skinny jeans have been around since the 60s. They are the original rock’n’roll jeans. But more than that, they hug the body in a way that leggings do. If leggings are popular in 2007, as they seem to be, then why not skinny jeans! Maybe they skinny jeans are not gone. They just need re-styling.

It is probably true that in 2007, they need to be re-fashioned and re-designed as all fashion items do. Maybe it is not the end for skinny jeans at all. They look like being always a part of fashion as denim jeans, leather jackets and leggings are. Indeed they are a fashion category within the broader fashion category of jeans wear and maybe skinny jeans will never go out of fashion like ‘black’!

Skinny jeans are more high-street now than ‘fashion’. Skinny jeans accent the ‘cigarette’ or ‘skinny’ legs of the wear and they may be more suited towards ‘skinny’ legs. Indeed they are aimed for long slender legs and when you add high heels, there you get the look. But how to re-style the skinny jeans! Maybe there should be more emphasis on shape. For example, Levi’s has placed more space around the hips so that their version of the skinny jean looks heavier and trouser like but also more shaped. And because of this trouser-like quality, it is not necessary to wear the high heels with Levis skinny jeans. If the skinny jean is to have a new look, maybe it is necessary to pull the high heels and skinny jeans apart from each other.

Look at the girls who wear them on the streets. Some jeans hug the buttocks in obvious ways. There are the tight light blue shine denim jeans which, because of the lightness of color, accent the long‘skinny’ long legs and the ‘shape’ from buttocks down. They cling then to the thighs and the back leg but is there shape! Is the shape created more by the slender frame of the wearer? And are they fashion? Do they really create shape? Skinny jeans put too much emphasis on tightness.

Skinny jeans create a body shape for you, but maybe it’s sometimes better to make your own shape. It may be because of this that the trouser leg jean is more in fashion. In some way the trouser leg creates more shape. If you look at Levi’s skinny jeans, they taper more because of the room at the hips and thighs and the tightness is in the area from thigh to ankle. Levis give more shape around the hips and waist and thus there is more tapering. But in this way, they are more trouser-like in some way.

Skinny jeans may be out but this may be because of the light blue color of some skinny jeans. Tapering black slender jeans is still in. The tapering trouser effect is 'in'. So what look can you create? A 'separate' look is always in fashion. With the ‘fitted trousers leg’ comes the separate look! You know a man's trousers comes with shirt. A type of fitted masculine look never goes out of fashion! Red close-fit blouse goes with a black close-fit trouser-leg jeans for example. Or a flesh-colored blouse goes with a black tapering trouser jeans. A corset effect or a close bodice-hugging top may match the trouser jeans.