Q: Isnít it expensive?
A: Not really Ė a colour analysis session is around £80 for example. When you think about all those clothes you have but never wear then you can see how you can quickly recoup this

Q: Will they make me take my clothes off?
A: No! Image consultants are trained to analyse body proportions without you needing to strip!

Q: What eactly do they do?
A: They work out what suits you and will help you shop. This is done by either structured sessions of colour analysis (identifying the colours that suit you best and an explanation of how to put them together), style analysis (building a 'look' that suits your lifestyle, shape and personality and/or a session going through your wardrobe. Makeup lessons and personal shopping are other services often available.

Q: Is the service just for young/slim people?
A: Not at all. Image consultants see clients of all ages and shapes and will give style advice based on your proportions whether youíre a size 8 or 28.

Q: Iím a bargain hunter Ė will an image consultant still be able to recommend shops for me to try?
A: Definitely. An image consultant will look at your personality and lifestyle and also your budget when working out a shopping plan for you. Youíll discuss whether you like to buy a few quality pieces each year or whether you like to buy more, more reasonable clothes.

Q: I'm a stay at home mum - can an image consultant help me or is it just for high flying business women?
A: Anyone can benefit from time with an image consultant, whether you live in jeans and trainers and want a more interesting but still practical daytime look or need to present to the board!